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Callahan Enterprizes, Inc.
est. 2005.

Hello everyone and welcome to our site.  I am currently doing a lot of replacements, negotiations on product lines and re-writes on the site info.  We have also split the site into two more satellite sites for the Security, Safety and Survival products and have started Callahan's Art Gallery showing and selling some of our Photography, Artwork of  all media types, Jewelry and more.  Some of the items will be for sale like my photography.  We will do our best to indicate which items are for sale with the appropriate sell price and sizes.  Please feel free to ask at any time if an item is for sale and not indicated as so.  Some of it has been displayed in other areas like National Geographic and will be identified as such.  Negotions on pricing is accepted.



Our new Art Gallery site is open.  We are working on some areas of the Gallery still but you are welcome to browse the areas which are open.  All of the photography in the Gallery is for sale so stop by and see if there is something you like.




Callahan Enterprizes, Inc., is a family owned business.  We have been in business since 2005.  We started out as one of the first, if not the first internet shopping mall.  We had over 100 affiliates and businesses you could shop with located in one internet site instead of having to enter several searches.

We no longer offer the large amount of affiliates with being a small organization we do not make enough sales to keep our affiliations active for long periods of time. 

We are Qualified Distributors with Send Out Cards, which is an internet based greeting card company which is like no other.  You do not have to be a member to use it.  We offer several methods from Pay As You Go to full-fledged business opportunities.  We feel it is the best card system around and is the cheapest and easiest to use.  You can send a card to anyone, add a little gift to it, at anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Connect with your friends and family using videos and QR code links.  Add your own photos. 

You can send gifts from brownies to books from our gifting area. 

Please take a look at the SOC page for all the details and watch our videos with the opportunities. 


We are also helping out some of our friends with small businesses like Infinity Koru who make old rustic signs to order and Little Momma's Little Monkeys where you can get sock monkeys made to order.  

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The "Thought for the Day" listed above is provided by Ralph Marston.  It will change daily with the exception of Sunday.  I have found his works very useful and enlightening.  I encourage you to click on the message and visit his site.  Also, check back daily for new "Thoughts."



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