Welcome to our Art Gallery.  Below you will  find pictures of different genres.  

Many of them will be available for sale in the near future as we get the gallery completed.  We are looking at being able to not only print the photographs but offer some framing choices for you.

In the mean time if you are really interested in one of the photos please let us know what photo it is and what dimension you were looking for.  You can send your information in an e-mail to us at:  artgallery@callahanenterpries.com

We are in the  process of getting the photos numbered that are for sale so check back if the photo your want is not numbered yet or drop us that e-mail.

The Copyright information below also applies to Photos copyrighted  as Callahan Enterprizes, Inc., also.





This image was chosen in the top 30% of a world wide competition and was part of a video art display in a Gallery in Belgrade Serbia



The pictures in the slide show above are of a Hummingbird who decided to use our Hummingbird Swing I made them.  They were taken through our sliding glass door so they may appear a little grainy.  We thought it was the funniest thing.  We had never seen a Hummingbird get so detailed in its' grooming. 








Recreation/Having Fun