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World Wide Merchandising

Welcome to our World Wide Merchandising!
Below you will find two of our catalogs which contain products from around the world, our World of Products and Kick-Off Electronics. 
If you find something you like either download the order form, fill it out, and e-mail it or  USPS mail it to us.
 We accept payments through our Paypal account.  If you find something you like down load the order form and scan it, fax it or mail it to us.  We will send you a PayPal invoice to pay from on line or we can mail and invoice to you to pay from.  We accept money orders and regular checks, by mail.  
We will not release products or provide services till the payment has been processed.  When using personal or business checks you must agree to not stop payment or refuse payment, under any circumstance, and there will be a $50 charge on returned checks. Legal action will be taken on any fraudulent checks or failure to pay any returned check, with NSF.
                   PayPal Payments will show as if it was payed to Callahan Enterprizes, Inc.  
We have set up a process for refunds, damaged  products, errors on orders and will work with individuals on a case by case basis with other errors.  By purchasing services or products from us all sales are final.  If you stop or refuse payment you will violate our purchase agreement previously mentioned and will face legal actions. 
All orders, unless otherwise specified, will be shipped straight from our warehouse to you.

World of ProductsCatalog
Cover Pictures change every printing.

World Of Products Catalog

Kickoff Electronics Catalog

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