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Other Links

Below I will be listing links to organizations of interest we are involved in or have some type of connection with we think you will enjoy or be able to use.   We also have links to friends, family and business websites that offer a wide variety of interests.  Please let us know what you think of  the site links.
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Infinity Koru is a company I heard about from one of my doctors assistants.  They make signs that look old and weathered, see pictures below, and do custom orders.  Please visit their facebook and like it.  
Click on the picture from facebook below to be taken to their facebook page 

Click on the picture to go to their facebook Page
Click on the picture to go to their facebook Page

Adasio.org Our Non-Profit Organization to help people with POTS/Dysautonomia and other Autonomic nervous system disorders.

Praying Hands Ranches


Mile High Down Syndrome Association Step Up For Down Syndrome



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