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I did not want just a traditional Blah,Blah,Blah business web site and never have used this approach.  I always want to include the visitors and maybe leave them with something to take with them.  I want to devote this page to the things that make you go Hum?! or I did not know that.  It is similar to the shows on TV where they show you how things work or are made.  Our approach is to give people ideas for home remedies we have found or friends and family have found that actually work or do not work.  I will be adding things from time to time and would like your input also.  Please contact us with any of your thoughts or ideas!


  • Placing a penny under a bandaid on a bee sting or misquito bite will draw the poison out of it and heal it quicker.  Try it overnight and see what happens?  Let us know if it works for you.

  • Carry a fabric softener static sheet with you on your belt, like bounce, and you will not be bothered by bees, hornets or wasps.  Apparently they do not like the static discharging properties of the pads and will leave you alone.  I do not know if it will work with mosquitos or nats but you might give it a try.  Let us know if it works.

  • When rinsing off utensils you have just mixed raw eggs with use cold water.  You will find it easier to clean the stuff off because hot water starts cooking the egg and makes it harder to get off.

  • If you have a gas fireplace and want it to look even more like a real one.  Get some steel wool.  Place it on the fake wood. When it burns it looks like ashes.  Put some under the wood and burn it with a hand lighter to make it look like fallen ashes. 

  • If you ever have a dog that swallows something they are not supposed to, such as your medication, you can give them a tablespoon of peroxide.  Wait for a few minutes and they will start throwing up.  If you have a rather large dog you may have to give them a couple tablespoons full.  We had a dog about 80 pounds and it took about 4 tablespoons and she gave our ex-daughter-in-law back her medication. 

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